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Weather In Breckenridge Colorado

By on September 30, 2014

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Breckenridge WeatherAt the heart of Summit County, Colorado, lies a friendly little community named after the former U.S. vice president John C Breckenridge. Breckenridge is situated in the Rocky Mountains at an elevation that exceeds 9,000 feet. The region has a highland climate with seasons similar to its surrounding alpine biome. The tree line ends at 11,500 feet, and the highest peak reaches 12,998 feet. Since temperatures are generally low at high altitudes, Breckenridge weather remains cool throughout the summer and becomes quite chilly during the winter months. The town, which has very few lakes and streams, keeps an average year-round humidity of 30%.

Breckenridge WeatherWinter weather in Breckenridge Colorado is notorious for its annual 300 inches of snow. The local ski resort boasts of a 50% chance for perfect snow conditions due to orographic lift. The five interconnected mountains receive storms from the north, west, and northwest that bring moist air masses into the area for ascension to the top of the peaks. Fresh snow falls consistently to provide optimal conditions for winter sports from November through March or April. The average daytime temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit; at night the thermometer often drops into the single digits.

Spring and summer bring dry weather to Breckenridge. Beautiful, sunny days and crisp, clear nights invite residents and guests to explore the many sights. The greenery of the surrounding countryside, along with the protruding snow-capped mountaintops, creates a picturesque view. Whether touring a gold mine, hiking, or mountain biking, excursionists enjoy daytime temperatures ranging from the 50’s to the 70’s on the Fahrenheit scale. The wettest days occur in July and August, but the region rarely receives more than three inches of rain in any month. Overnight temperatures are well above freezing during the summertime, creating a cozy but comfortable atmosphere for camping and roasting marshmallows.

Breckenridge WeatherBreckenridge weather is nearly perfect for both winter fun on the slopes and summer entertainment. Residents enjoy the ideal climate, including bright summer days with cool, refreshing breezes, and chilly but pleasant winters with gorgeous snowy landscapes. While much of the 300 feet of annual snow falls at the top of the mountains, the town avoids the worst of the winter weather. The choice conditions draw thousands of visitors and seasonal residents to this Rocky Mountain paradise each year.

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