Breckenridge Alpine Slide

Summer Fun & Scenic Beauty at the Breckenridge Alpine Slide

By on October 2, 2014

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Breckenridge Alpine SlideWhen one hears the name Breckenridge, the first thing that comes to mind is the pristine snow covered slopes, the incredible winter vistas and the world class skiing that this famous resort community in Colorado are known far and wide for. But there is another side to Breckenridge, one that is less frosty, and provides those who are looking for an exciting mountain getaway for their next summer vacation the chance to experience all of the hospitality of this great destination without the need for a union suit.

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of mountain side fun that can be had on the storied slopes of this famous ski community. The Breckenridge resort runs a summer fun park at Peak 8 from around the second week of June to the last week of September annually (start and stop dates of operation vary depending on the conditions of the mountain). There are a lot of great attractions in the park to enjoy but without a doubt the one that brings visitors from all over is the famous Breckenridge Alpine Slide.

The Breckenridge Alpine Slide is actually a set of three different tracks, made of concrete and set deeply into the slopes of the mountain. During winter the tracks, which resemble luge tracks, are covered by the snow pack of the world renowned Peak 8 ski run. When the snow melts however the tracks allow for a lot of sun-backed fun as rider can slide down one of the three 2600 foot long course options on plastic seats. The courses are equated to those of the ski run itself with their being a basic course (the alpine slide), a middle course (the super slide), and the advanced course (the giant slalom) which has multiple dips and bigger curves. Each rider gets their own seat which individually controlled brake and accelerator handles. Children can ride on the front of the seat with a qualified adult. Those under 18 but old enough to ride solo need a parental consent form signed in order to ride.

Breckenridge Alpine SlideThe Breckenridge Alpine Slide operates any time that the park is open during the season with rides taking place from around 9 am to about 6pm daily weather permitting. The cost is very reasonable and includes the chair lift ride to the top of the course. Rates are around $20 for two rides per adult, but children between the ages of 2 and 6 ride free with a riding adult. The slide is also included when one purchases an all-day fun ticket which range from $39 to $75 depending on age group (with discounts available for advanced purchase online) and includes not only unlimited rides on the slides but all of the other attractions in the park except certain ala-cart special items like the guided mountain tours on Segway’s and the zip-line course.

The Breckenridge Alpine Slide and the summer fun park in general are a great alternative to traditional theme parks for your families next summer vacation destination. You get to enjoy all of the incredible scenic beauty of the Colorado Mountains while getting fresh air, sunshine ad most off the heart stopping thrills of one of the world most awesome alpine slides. For Breckenridge Lodging, CLICK HERE or visit