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By on June 21, 2014

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Breckenridge DinnerWhile most people choose to visit Breckenridge, CO because of its unique Rocky Mountain trail access and its long, vibrant history; this small city is a great place to dine. Those there is sun, snow and fun at least 300 days per year, it’s also possible to experience amazing food and dining in this 150 year-old gold mining and railroad mecca.

The 4,000 full-time residents and business owners of Breckenridge encourage visitors looking for fine food to explore the city on foot, and take notice of the hidden culinary secrets around every rustic corner. Here is a short list of dining favorites accessible to everyone visiting restaurants Breckenridge CO:

The Breckenridge Resort

This is the premier lodging and dining location in the city. This five star and five story resorts features a formal dining area with worldwide seasonal cuisine. A large, highly-rated chef staff prepares meals and catering that ranges from American steak and BBQ, to European and Asian delicacy. This resort also houses one of the finest collections of vintage domestic wines in the country. All are available for guests of the resort.


Hearthstone Restaurant in Breckenridge CO

Hearthstone Restaurant

This is the place in Breckenridge for a well-prepared and inventive eclectic menu. The dining space is set up to be intimate, yet family-friendly. Past dining guests will rave about their dishes featuring fish. Lobster appetizers and secret-recipe freshwater fish masterpieces keep visitors coming back year after year.

Apres Microbrewery

The handcrafted libations are the jewel in the crown of one this Breckenridge social hot spot. Domestics and Imports abound along with a local favorite pub menu. Although not a restaurant, per se, they do offer a few light snacks at the bar. Apres is a proven Breckenridge “must go!”


This is dining that combines artistic sentiment with American flair. The dishes are moderately priced, but always prepared to perfection and in large portions. Flavor seems to be very important at this restaurant. The old-style tavern atmosphere is fun and never obnoxious. It regularly features fun drinks at the massive wooden bar like the famous Jalapeno Mango Margarita.

Euro Deli

Near the center of town on Main Street, this deli delivers fresh items that others only wish they could. Simple and filling ethnic delights are their specialty. This is the best place in Colorado to enjoy handmade, authentic burn onion pirogis, a vegetarian quiche, or a beet salad. This is an extremely popular deli for vegetarians and health-conscious eaters.

Ridge Street Kitchen

This cafe is conveniently located on Main Street and serves exquisite American-style dishes. The server staff are friendly and informative about the light and tasty menu items. A relaxing atmosphere is perfect for enjoying a world class chicken salad, or an inventive, high-energy meal for breakfast before a long-awaited trek up the hill.

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