Breckenridge Movie Theater

The Speakeasy – A Breckenridge Movie Theater

By on October 9, 2015

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Breckenridge Movie TheaterThe Speakeasy Movie Theater in Breckenridge Colorado has a proud past and a progressive future. Most movie theaters today are located in strip malls, movie houses, and the occasional drive thru. The theater in Breckenridge is more like the majestic Ravioli theater houses of the past. This Breckenridge movie theater can be found in a grand old building that also serves as a community center, coffee house, and library. This one stop recreational center didn’t always hold movies. It was originally built to educate children from kindergarten through twelfth grade. One hundred years and eight million dollars later, you can watch digital movies in the basement. You can choose traditional snacks like candy and popcorn to enjoy during the movie. You can go with friends and watch an artsy Indie film while you drink a glass of wine.

There is plenty to do if you arrive early or there is an intermission between shows. There is no standing in line and staring at one another in the lobby. You can take a tour through the historic display, rest in the quiet room, have a cup of joe in the coffee house, or read a book in the library upstairs. There is also a children’s room and a restored gymnasium. There is something for everyone at this hometown movie theater.

Breckenridge Movie TheaterBecause the Speakeasy is small there isn’t a large selection of movies. However, the price is more than reasonable. Basically, one person sells tickets, serves the refreshments, and starts the movie. In some theaters, you can pay $20 for a ticket. For the same amount of money at Breckenridge, you can get two tickets and still have money left over for refreshments. It is worth the trip just for the setting.

Theater houses in grand old buildings are something you see in movies. It isn’t something you generally get to experience. We highly recommend going to Speakeasy Movie Theater and hanging out in this neighborly environment. It was fun before the building was restored but with the new seats and the digital projection, it’s top notch. Four stars and two thumbs up for a good time in this community hub!