Breckenridge Ice Rink

Indoor Fun at Breckenridge Ice Rink

By on September 7, 2014

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Breckenridge Ice RinkWhen you are looking forward to taking a break from skiing at the resort, head over to Stephen West Ice Arena for some family fun. This Breckenridge ice rink has many activities throughout the day. This is a great place for the family to relax and have a little fun.

Ice Skating and Hockey
Stephen West Ice Arena offers public ice skating and hockey daily. Don’t worry about large crowds, with multiple sessions, there are usually smaller crowds and more room for you to practice. No need to have equipment, our shop offers rentals at a desirable price for all skating levels. If you are looking for a pickup game of hockey, you will easily find one at the rink. They offer NHL-size hockey rinks both indoors and outdoors. So when the weather is bad, head on over to their indoor hockey rink. If you are looking for private lessons or games, they offer reservations throughout the day.

Bounce Houses and Miniature Golf
If you are vacationing in the summer months and looking for something other than the typical winter sports, they also offer bounce-houses and miniature golf. Many families have younger children and need a little more age appropriate entertainment. Our bounce houses will not disappoint. They have several different sizes and themes that your child will love. Their bounce houses are functioned as an open play schedule. If your children are a little too old for the bounce houses, why not play a friendly round of miniature golf. Everyone enjoys a little family competition. Stay for one round or buy multiple round packages.

Breckenridge Ice RinkStaff and Pro Shop
This Breckenridge ice rink only employs friendly employees. Their staff are experienced in all of their services. If you need assistance selecting the appropriate equipment, they are there to help. If you have any questions or concerns a staff member is always available. They also have a state of the art pro shop. If you decide you love the sport of skating or hockey, their shop has everything you need for purchase. They carry a variety of top brands as well.

If you are looking for a Breckenridge ice rink with a little of everything, Stephen West Ice Arena has several different family activities. You will spend hours of enjoyment in this facility.

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  • Mia M.

    Hockey is my absolute favorite sport to watch, but I’ve never played it before. I’m not very comfortable skating but this seems like a great place to learn because of the smaller crowds and more room. I love that private lessons are offered, and will definitely be taking advantage of that on my visit!

  • Dana Davis

    You know what is great about this place
    is that in the summer months there is the bounce house and miniature
    golf. It is not always just about ice skating! I can’t ice skate
    worth a hoot! I wouldn’t mind watching Ice Hockey though, that would
    be fun.

  • Regina

    Ice-skating is one of my favorite wintery activities! It’s awesome that you can use hockey rinks too. The skating rink that I have nearby me don’t have nearly these kinds of facilities. Not to mention miniature golf and bounce houses are available to use to, that’s pretty great. Especially for those of us who have little kids who might not want to stay on the ice the whole time.