Breckenridge Gondola

Take a ride on the Breckenridge Gondola

By on September 28, 2014

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Breckenridge GondolaVisitors traveling to Breckenridge, Colorado will be encouraged by locals to ride the Breckenridge gondola at least once during their visit. Opened in 2006, the gondola transports passengers to the top of Peak 8 in the magnificent Rocky Mountains. Comprised of 121 fully enclosed baskets, referred to as cabins, it can safely transport the youngest to the oldest of passengers up the incline. Each cabin can comfortably seat up to 8 guests, so families can enjoy riding together. The cabins are also large enough to transport ski equipment, snowboards, and inner tubes for a day spent on the slopes. The cabins are also large enough to carry mountain bikes which is a need that is increasing in demand.

The Breckenridge gondola is free of charge to all guests, whether you are skiing or not. It is the only fully free lift service in the area. Guests can choose to get off at one of two stops on the way, or get off at the top, which is known as Peak 8. Peak 8 provides restaurants and a variety of activities offered for a fee. Guests don’t have to get off at any stop and can instead take a round trip ride just to enjoy the view. The ride from the bottom to the top takes less than 10 minutes and the round trip is then approximately 20 minutes. The friendly staff is efficient and capable of moving approximately 3000 guests through in an hour. While the gondola is located close to downtown, guests can ride any number of free shuttles to and from the entrance. In the event that a thunderstorm pops up and stops the gondola from running, guests at the top can also access free bus service to return them to the bottom in a timely manner.

Breckenridge GondolaOutdoor enthusiasts or spectators wanting to take in a panoramic view of the entire Breckenridge area will experience a ride over the Cucumber Gulch wildlife preserve and may get the opportunity to see wildlife such as moose, fox, or even an occasional bald eagle. The cabins are almost fully made of windows which allow the views to be taken in uninhibited by other materials.

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  • Mia M.

    I can only imagine the view! I’d love to visit Breckenridge and take a ride over the Cucumber Gulch wildlife preserve – it’d be so great to see a bald eagle. I really love the mountains; I live by a beach, so I don’t get to see mountains nearly enough, but they always remain one of my most favorite places to visit.

  • Dana Davis

    I am right there with ya Mia. The view would be outstanding. Good thing I am not scared of heights!! This is one thing that would be a “must do” on my list in Breckenridge, CO. Peak 8 looks awesome.

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  • Regina

    When I hear the word gondola I immediately think of a little boat going down a river but this is much cooler than that! I love that we would be able to enjoy all of the gorgeous views that you can see from up there and it’s big enough to to carry bikes so you can actually enjoy a ride to where it picks you up too. And it’s free?!

  • Nody Ray

    Breckenridge is surely a great place to get the pleasant Feel of the Nature. Scenic beauty around with river adventure rides at breckenridge sums up as a great experience altogether.