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Breckenridge Bars – Good Times & Good Friends

By on October 3, 2015

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Breckenridge barsWhether you’re looking for a place to go after work or to spend time with friends on the weekend to enjoy a drink, there are a few Breckenridge bars that are worth noting.

Angel’s Hollow is one of the best Breckenridge bars in the area. It serves more than just the typical drinks that you might find at other bars. With a welcoming outdoor area and a cozy interior, you can spend hours here before you are aware of the time. There are food specials offered every day that include soups, quesadillas and burgers. Picnic tables are arranged outside for those who want to view the beautiful area of Breckenridge. The bar was originally built as a post office in 1961, but it was transformed into a bar that is frequented by skiers shortly after the post office closed.

Breckenridge Bars

While you are in the mining area of Breckenridge, one of the bars that should be on your list of places to visit is the Gold Pan Saloon. This location has everything that you would think of finding in a bar. There are pool tables set up in a comfortable area with a television in a corner. The bar area is located at the front of the building, and there are arcade games situated near the front tables. This bar was built in 1879 when gold mining was becoming something of a trend in the country. It has the distinction of being the longest running bar in the area.

While there isn’t as large of a selection of drinks at Rita’s as there is at other bars, it does serve food that is among the best in the area. There are beautiful decorations on the wall as well as dim lighting that provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere. From tacos that are filled with delicious ingredients to a glass of tequila that blends perfectly with almost everything on the menu, Rita’s has a little bit of Mexican flair mixed in with the rugged terrain of the town. The bar serves one of the only pomegranate margaritas in the area.

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  • Mia M.

    I’m eager to visit two of these bars in particular. Rita’s sounds absolutely wonderful, not only because of the Mexican flair which I love, but also because there’s just something about a dimly lit restaurant that creates an atmosphere that I’m drawn to. I’d also love to check out the Gold Pan Saloon – it seems like there is a lot of history there!

  • Dana Davis

    Angel’s Hollow sounds like the place I
    would love to go to and try out the food. You know the best food is
    always in places such as this. I love sites like this that give you
    this type of information before you take a trip so you can get your
    information together before you head out on your vacation. Great
    info!! Thank you!

  • Regina

    I really love the sound of Angels Hollow. It’s nice that you can basically have a picnic at a bar, it’s not something that I typically see around where I’m from in Southern California. And I love the history that goes with Gold Pan Saloon. Anything that’s more than 100 years old has to be worth visiting.

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