afterglow ski video by sweetgrass

Afterglow Ski Video by Sweetgrass

By on October 27, 2014

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The sport of skiing is both exciting and fun. Gearing yourself up to go against some of Mother Nature’s largest creations is a thrill in itself. Hitting the slopes and tackling a mountain is a euphoria that not many people get to experience. The paths that these daring skiers blaze are a beautiful dance in their own right, but they are made even more astounding by introducing Amberlight in thisĀ Afterglow Ski Video by Sweetgrass.

This new innovation from Philips infuses incredibly inventive lighting with the beauty of this downhill skiing video. Right from the beginning of the video, the Amberlight in this Ski Video Afterglow, shows clearly the awesome effects that can be done with this new technology. This video grabs your attention right from the beginning.

afterglow ski video by sweetgrassThe colors and backlighting of the sky are an outrageously beautiful collection of hues of a red sunset with the massive mountains below. Dropping into a scene of falling snow with backlit pine trees in a hue of purple, the colors are exploding onto the screen before the skiers are even shown.

When the skiers are seen cruising down the sheer face of this mountain, their persons are illuminated by the lighting on their gear. As they make their way down the mountainside, the snow that is shot up on their turns and landings is displayed in a variety of different brilliant colors.

With one skier illuminating a bluish hue and the other a green, these two bodies floating down this mountain create a spectacular site. The innovation of the lighting, while following these skiers down the mountain, takes the incredible beauty of the snow being broken and spread across the mountain and brings it to life.

AfterglowUsing every color in the rainbow at strategic moments in the video, along with the dramatic and engaging music, this video creates a piece of visual art that cannot be seen anywhere else. When the skiers are executing the tricks and jumps, the vivid colors that are added to the poles and the skis only make the trick even cooler to watch.

When it comes to the world of skiing, this Amberlight Ski Video Afterglow shows the true beauty of the sport from an illuminated point of view. The colors and dramatic music of this video will entertain and amaze current skiers, re-ignite the fire in former skiers, and surely inspire non-skiers to give skiing a try.

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