Big Beers Festival

2017 Big Beers Festival

By on December 13, 2016

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Have Fun And Drink Good Beer At Big Beers Festival

In recent years, beer has become more than just a simple drink brewed with basic ingredients. Thanks to a new breed of beer brewers who devote a lot of time and energy into creating a wide variety of tasty brews using only the finest ingredients, craft beer is quickly becoming the beer of choice for beer drinkers. From lagers and ales to barleywine and stouts, liquor stores are now devoting aisles to a huge selection of beer brands and styles. Beer festivals are even popping up all around the country so that beer drinkers can sample a wide variety of different brews. One of the most popular beer festivals in the country is the Big Beers Festival. For the past 10 years this amazing festival has been held in Vail CO, however the 2017 Big Beers Festival will be held Breckenridge CO.

Happening January 5 – 7, 2017, Big Beers Festival is a world class beer festival that is considered to be one of the biggest and most popular beer festivals in the country. Located in the world class ski resort town of Breckenridge CO, Big Beers Festival is a three day event that is full of fun activities, learning opportunities and plenty of beer drinking. Whether you are a beer drinker who has just been turned onto craft beer or you are a seasoned home brewer, this beer festival will give you the chance to learn about and taste a huge variety of craft beers available today. From big name breweries like Dogfish Head to local homebrewers, this beer festival truly is all a great beer festival should be and more.


Enjoy the Broad Range Of Events Available At This Great Beer Festival

Big Beer Festival tasting glasses

Big Beer Festival tasting glasses

Dinners. Have you ever wondered what type of beer goes best with your favorite meal? Then you must attend one of our beer pairing meals. Not only will you get to enjoy great beer and great food with fun people who share your passion for craft beer, but you will learn all about pairing beer and food for the ultimate fine dining experience.

Homebrewer Competition. Some of the biggest and best craft breweries got their start from homebrewing. During our homebrewing competition, a huge variety of homebrewers from around the country meet together to share tips and techniques while partaking in a friendly competition to see who is the best homebrewer.

Beer Tastings. From the time our festival opens on Thursday until closing on Sunday, you will have the opportunity to sample a huge variety of beer from some of the best breweries in the country. Our beer tastings are a great opportunity for you to experience beers you’ve never even heard of. You might just find your new favorite flavor or style of beer.

If you consider yourself to be a lover of fine craft beer and you’d love to attend a festival that combines the beauty of the Rocky Mountains with the fine tastes of award winning beers, you might want to consider joining us this year at our beer festival. With a huge variety of fun and exciting beer related activities to partake in (Click here to see the full schedule), we know this three day fest will be something you will remember for the rest of your life. Whether you’d like to learn more about how beer is brewed or you just want to drink good beer, this festival is the great opportunity for you to celebrate and appreciate fine craft beer.