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Breckenridge Rentals features hundreds of vacation rental properties in and around the Breckenridge, Co area. Town-homes, cabins, condos, chalets – anything to suit your family’s needs! Click here to browse through our large selection of vacation properties.

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Breckenridge Colorado is both the largest and oldest town in famous Summit County. Whether you are planning to move here, or maybe just planning a visit, you’ll want to know as much as possible about the area so that you’ll be able to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

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Colorado Mountain Express, with over 30 years of experience, can provide for all of your ground transportation needs when vacationing in Breckenridge and the Colorado Rockies. CLICK HERE to make a reservation.

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Save 20% on equipment rentals, including free delivery and expert fitting! Need more help? No Problem! There are multiple Christy Sports stores located throughout Breckenridge, so if you need to talk to someone in person, they are there to help!

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International Snow Sculpture Championships

By on January 17, 2018

International Snow Sculpture Championships Each year teams from around the world gather in Breckenridge, CO to compete.  The team consists of four snow artists. Teams start with a solid block of snow, weighing in at 20 ton, and measuring 12 feet tall x 10 feet wide x 10 feet long.  The snow artists work together as teams to create their masterpieces.  They will be sculpting with hand tools only, no power tools allowed. They may not use any supports throughout the sculpture and no colorants may be used in the design.  Teams will have just five days a total of just 65 hours to work.

Winners are chosen by a committee, there is also Kids Choice award, and a Peoples Choice award.  The winners receive a medallion and a ribbon, but no monetary prizes are awarded. Ribbons are given for the Kids Choice and Peoples Choice awards.  So, why do they compete?  They compete for bragging rights and fun, but mostly for FUN!!!

Technical Week January 16, 2018, thru January 21, 2018

During “Technical Week” The Breckenridge Ski Resort makes the snow.  Manmade snow is used because it International Snow Sculpture Championships delivers consistency throughout the blocks.   The Town of Breckenridge Public Works hauls it to the site, where it is loaded into wooden frames.  Once some snow is in the box 5-10 volunteers (maybe you) climb into the box and “stomp” it down to pack it in. More snow is then added and the stomping continues until all blocks are prepared.

Sculpting Week January 22, 2018, thru January 26, 2018

During “Sculpting Week” The teams gather and work together to create their masterpieces.  The snow artists will be staying up all week and working on their fine details. Remember no power tools here only hand tools are allowed for their sculptures.

Viewing Week January 25, 2018, thru January 29, 2018

During “Viewing Week” visitors may come in and view and vote for their favorites.  This is a Free Event and happens weather permitting.  If it gets too warm the sculptures will begin to melt and must be removed for the safety of all.


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2018 Breckenridge ULLR Festival

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Craft Spirits Festival 2016

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2015 Dew Tour Mountain Championships Return To Breckenridge

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The Speakeasy – A Breckenridge Movie Theater

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The Speakeasy Movie Theater in Breckenridge Colorado has a proud past and a progressive future. Most movie theaters today are located in strip malls, movie houses, and the occasional drive thru. The theater in Breckenridge is more like the majestic